Hello there! I’m Sara, Italian from Ravenna. Graduated in Economics. I always felt a little international, as in the past I’ve spent 2 years in Amsterdam, 4 years in Bologna, and I am now based in Marseille since 2019. 

I’ve been working remotely as a freelance in digital marketing since 2016 with international companies worldwide, in tech, e-payments, business services, and music, when remote work was still pretty unknown. Working remotely allowed me to be flexible and to meet many people, learning how to travel easily, being organized and still being able to work from different cities in Italy and Europe, sometimes from my home office, sometimes discovering cool coffee bars and restaurants, or co-working spaces.

With time I understood what I really enjoy and what really suits me, so I decided to focus on personal and professional coaching, in order to use my interests and skills to help other people and have a positive impact on their lives or business. At the same time, I’m still enjoying writing blogs, creating content, branding strategies, and working on WordPress sites.

Read more about my passion and goals below!

My Passion

  • Personal growth, motivation, and self-improvement. 
  • Wellness, beauty, make-up, lifestyle.
  • Health, food and nutrition, fitness.
  • Trying new food, restaurants, and share experiences.
  • Helping others overcome obstacles and reach their objectives.
  • Travel, discovering new cities, travel hacks and packing tips.
  • Helping people creating something new based on their passions, interests, and skills.
  • Remote work, my Macbook, a good cup of coffee or tea.
  • Discovering new recipes that are fast and healthy, without giving up to taste.
  • Hairstyles. I like to change my hair color now and then, and I love braids.
  • Working on WordPress sites, buying domain names and create brands and brand strategies. 
  • New languages: I speak native Italian, fluent English and French, and a little Dutch. And more to come..

My Goals

My mission is to make other people happy! Do something good for other people and have a positive impact on their lives.

I help people with their personal development, improve their overall wellness and habits, find more balance between work and life, clarify their life path, launch their own online project.

I am the motivated and determined kind of person, and always maintain a positive approach. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness and happiness. That’s why I decided to start help people through coaching: I understood that being a wellness and online business coach is the something that allows me to align my mission with my vision and lifestyle.

What I find really amazing about working as a coach is that, no matter what it is that you’re passionate about, you can always help people make a positive shift and bring fulfillment into their lives.