Why you should outsource your sales team

One of the most crucial aspects of all businesses is sales. Both Fortune 500s and Startups know it. From time to time, Startup founders and business owners launch their unique idea, gather momentum and secure retention for their services.

They begin to see early signs of revenue growth and understand the need to break into the next phase. The question of how to effectively drive sales then pops up, “Should I hire salespeople or outsource?”

Although having a specialised department for sales is crucial to any company’s growth, the considerable amount of time and resources it exhausts makes outsourcing a feasible alternative. Still not sure? Here’s what you stand to gain and how you can improve your sales strategy with an outsourced team

  1. Maximise your specialization and focus on what you do best.

If you run a business that is strongly immersed in the I.T/software sector with a solid technical team but no sales experience, you just might have a strong case to outsource your sales. Since everyone is a professional in their own right, having a team of expert sales personnel handle your business sales will leave you with enough time to better and add more value to your service for customers.

  1. Save costs and resources

No matter the level of experience, hiring full time sales employees can cost at least $35,000. When you weigh their allowances, equipment costs, phone bills, office space, vacations and benefits, you will find that you will spend even more. In some cases, the cost of outsourcing may be half or lower than what you would incur to bring a salesperson on board. You also most likely lack all the resources required for a professional sales team to take off all at once.

  1. Leverage proven expertise and methodology

One advantage that you will gain by working with a firm that specializes in sales outsourcing is the inestimable worth of their years of experience and professional expertise. These outsourced sales teams consist of team of specialists that know the best strategy to use in every phase of business and remain updated as they are constantly in touch with industry-best practices.

Once you outsource your sales, you get to leverage proven techniques that have been used to deliver countless amount of sales and marketing success.

  1. Exploring new markets and expanding abroad

If you are trying to explore a new market or expand into a market abroad, an outsourced sales team will help you focus on your audience and how best to convey your unique value proposition to them.

Outsourced sales team can also eliminate the need to staff an international office when expanding your business reach abroad.

  1. Flexibility

Another benefit of using an outsourced sales team for your B2B interaction is the ability and flexibility to scale up or scale down efforts as the times demand. Since you do not have a certain insight on what the future holds for your company, having an outsourced team means you can reduce the budget more easily than the cost incurred for having to let an employee or several go.

Asides using an outsourced sales team, a sales coach approach for your business also comes with a lot of benefits. Sales coaches will help you optimize the results from your sales efforts and team.

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