How to quickly grow your Instagram followers

With Instagram boasting of a third if the world’s social media population, the Facebook sister app is unmistakably one of the best platforms to meet, interact and grow audience for your business and brand.

As at today, Instagram has over 800 million daily active users, with the numbers tipped to reach a billion in the next 24 months. While Instagram is the perfect avenue to engage prospects and build social leads, the competition here remains stiff as marketers continually struggle to secure higher visibility, followership and conversions. Whether you’re just starting up or looking to grow your business, here are 5 solid ways to grow your Instagram followers quickly.

  1. Post fresh, relevant content and use media regularly

One of the many ways to grow your impression on Instagram is to remain relevant. There are a couple of ways to doing this. First, you want to make sure your page is always updated with fresh content. Strive to use photos and videos as media has been shown to have a higher engagement ration.

Higher impressions increase the chances of sharing content and viral videos which could direct a lot if interested users to follow your page. Instagram has a wide array of media channels so ensure that you use avenues like stories to get higher engagement.

  1. Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers have a wide array of audience that you can reach all at once. By engaging relevant Instagram influencers in your niche, you get to share your content through their page to hundreds of thousands of users who can potentially return to your page for more. Once you have relevant content that interest this audience, you can be rest assured that they will tap the follow and like buttons in a jiffy.

Although most influencers require a token, the results are usually worth it. Influencers could also be brands or celebrity accounts. Remember to always leave a link back to your own page when using influencers.

  1. Follow bigger brands in your niche

Another way to increase your page traffic and potentially, your followers is to relate and follow big brands in your niche. This can foster good relationship that can be leveraged for using their page to promote your business and boost your followers.

For instance, if you’re starting up as a makeup artist, imagine what a recommendation from Mary kay could do to your page.

  1. Organize competitions

This is particularly helpful for start-ups. If you have a unique brand that you are looking to grow, organizing some form of competition can help you boost your followership. How? Simply make following of the account one of the criteria for eligibility and run some promotion campaigns to get your account out there.

Once the prize is relevant and enticing enough, be ready for an upsurge in your number of followers.

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags play an immense role in today’s social media culture and swagger. Use hashtags and keywords effectively and increase your visibility in Instagram, promote your account being recommended for follows and start your own culture.

  1. Consider buying real organic followers

While there are many downsides to buying followers. A few genuine websites allow you to buy real followers that match the interests of your business. With real followers, the activity on your page will exponentially increase, rack up more impression and deliver more followers. Since activities can always be seen from account to account, there is a high tendency that friends and followers of these accounts will make the move to explore and follow your page too.

  1. Ask for shares

Finally, if you’ve built an engaged audience for your page, simply asking them to share your content and ask their friends to follow your page will do no harm. This is one of the simplest ways to boost those numbers, yet, one of the most effective.

8. Ask for shoutouts

Find related account with a large amount of followers that can give you visibility by posting your photo, either as a mutual exchange of visibility, or as a paid promotion. Make sure they are high-quality accounts with good engagement.


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