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Hi there, it’s Sara Bisulli here. I work with companies and digital products to improve their marketing online and build growth, and with people to help them with their professional development. I’m the founder of the lifestyle blog, and of the growth hacking as a service site,

If it’s your first time here, you might want to learn more about me. In this case, just read further. If you’re mainly interested in my work experience, go ahead and check my resume.

Especially if you’re a freelance or entrepreneur, or want to become one, it’s very important to work on multiple dimensions to be able to achieve your goals. Your lifestyle and personal habits, your love and relationships have all an impact on each other and on your business goals.

You can work with me in different ways: I can be your consultant and help you develop your online business; offer you growth marketing courses, as well as train your team; you can book me as a speaker at events; you can even hire me, my partners or contractors to manage your marketing services.

a short background story

Probably you’re now curious to learn more about me and what I do.

I’m an Italian woman, a human, and a person very similar to you.

Speaking about job, I’ve studied a lot, worked a lot, and learnt a lot over the years, and I’m still training different skills and always improving and challenging myself. I’m now working in growth, only remotely, and I help CEOs and online companies of with their growth strategies, digital marketing and sales activities.

Here my latest achievements:

I started my own remote marketing business, I committed to a balanced lifestyle, wellness, and healthy food. I go to the gym every week and try to keep fit and active.
I also dance reggaeton (still learning!), took an acting course and performed twice in my city, and then studied as a radio speaker and voiceover to work on my self-confidence and public speaking abilities.

On top of my new personal website here, I’ve created a brand-new Italian beauty and lifestyle blog LivelyBeauty as a side business + e-shop.

I’ve built GrowthHackersTeam – the first growth hacking as a service website run by a solopreneur woman, and first very specific Italian growth hacking services site, as far as I know.

But that’s not all.

I also love helping other people. I’d like to have the chance of making a positive impact on other people life.

Everybody can achieve their dreams and goals: it’s a journey, and it’s the amount of motivation, and dedication that you put into your passions and objectives that makes the difference.


For this reason I’ve decided to focus more on teaching other people what I know, to teach courses, to engage in public speaking, and to start writing more often about personal experiences, ideas, and personal growth, on top of marketing – about which you can still read on my growth hacking site by they way.

If you’re still reading this, you probably want to make a big change in your personal and professional life, or you want become a successful entrepreneur, and build a successful company or team.

Any questions? Contact me via email, or follow me on Instagram @sarabisu and send me a message.

These are the topics I’m mostly interested in, and I’m open to blogging, speaking, coaching sessions, training, and different kind of collaborations related to them:














Disclaimer: the opinions on this site are my own only, and don’t reflect the opinions of the companies or people I’m working with. You might also find affiliate links somewhere on this site in the future, and in that case, they will be link to products that I personally use, or find honestly useful.