How to instantly grow your Pinterest followers

With Over 175 million active users and over 50 billion pins, it is safe to say the world is pinning. Pinterest, founded in 2010 is one of the fastest growing social media platforms that avails users to pin their interests on boards and interact through a network of images and gifs. As of today, 88 percent of Pinterest users have purchased at least one of the products that they pin and 49 percent have bought 5 or more of their pinned products. These statistics demonstrate a feasible market and a buy-ready user base, demonstrating why growing your Pinterest followers should be just as important as any other social media strategy you’re running.

Asides the increase in quality traffic and number of prospective customers, a high Pinterest followership does much more for your brand, here are 5 tips to help you instantly grow your Pinterest followers.

  1. Use the Pinterest Follow button along with your other Social media accounts

Adding a shortcut Pinterest follow button will help you to drive droves of visitors from your website to your Pinterest page at the click of a button. This can be a really effective strategy especially when you typically generate high traffic on your website.

The key here is to install the button in several strategic points in your website – From the header to the footer and side bar, make it convenient for people to access the follow button and convert visitors into followers.

Creating your button is easy and can be done from the Widget builder page on Pinterest. Asides your website, make an effort to add your Pinterest details to the profile information on your alternative social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co.

Alternatively, if you feel that the follow button is not or will not generate as much actions as you’d want, use the profile widget to drive traffic to your Pinterest page. The advantage of this is that users get to see up to 30 of your last pins and may be even more inclined to stay on your page, find something interesting and follow naturally.

  1. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

If you have the slightest idea of how search engine result pages like Google and Bing work, then you would understand the importance of Keywords both on and off Pinterest. Luckily, Pinterest also allows you to add keywords that affect search visibility to your boards to help you rank better within the social media platform itself and on Google.

Having your boards top relevant search results also means that you’re driving hundreds of thousands of quality traffic from a Google search to your page which undoubtedly will up your number of followers. Also within the platform, new users searching for relevant pins will most likely land up on your profile when you use your keywords correctly.

  1. Stay active

The more images are pinned from your board, the higher your ranking on Pinterest. You don’t need to add new pins to your board daily, it can be tasking to keep up with that. However, simply adding new images to your boards, using relevant hashtags, responding to comments and follower interaction can easily boost the ranking of your profile and your boards, increase your visibility and generate new followers.

  1. Create Value for your followers and target audience

The moment you put value first, you will find out that you will naturally generate more followers than usual. The key here is to make your pins relevant to the interest of your target audience and pin interests that will deliver more value. This doesn’t have to be your own pins alone, pinning other relevant stuff from other users and using relevant keywords and hashtags will drive relevant audience that will recommend your pins and account to other followers.

  1. Use trends and seasonality

As part of creating value for your audience, pay attention to seasonality and trends and make relevant pins and boards that correspond with the trends and season. For instance, you can make a Halloween recipe during Halloween and add Jack-o-lantern food patterns to it. Whatever the case maybe, structure each of your images, pins and boards to make sure you use relevant keywords and deliver value-oriented pins to allow people around the trend land at your page.


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