Feb 2016 – Current

Digital and Growth Marketing, Blogging, Social Media management

Sara Bisulli.

I currently work remotely for different companies in Europe and US. I take care of growth strategies, partnerships, blog writing, advertising, data research and work, project management, and many other tasks. I also collaborate with beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands on my lifestyle blog.

Some of the brands I’ve been working with: MyBank (Milan, Paris), GadgetFlow (USA), Starter-UP (Bologna, Italy), YourSpiritualNetwork (Netherlands), MEI Meeting Etichette Indipendenti (Faenza, Italy, music event).

Jun 2016 – Current

Digital Marketing, Blog writing, social media, Merchants Relations


I’ve been working with MyBank since 2016, the online payment solution via Internet Banking. In the beginning I took care of merchants relations, partnerships, including cold calling. Now I’m mainly working on blog writing, design and content creation, Facebook advertising.

Dec 2017 – April 2018

Growth Manager.


I’m currenly working with GadgetFlow as a Growth Manager, taking care of partnerships, content marketing, growth strategies and acquisition. I’ve been working for the company since 2016, previously as a sales rep, and switched role in Dec 2017.

Apr 2016 – Dec 2017

Sales rep.


I’ve worked for the top discovery platform for tech products on the web as a sales rep for more than 1.5 years, contacting small and big brands in the e-commerce and tech industry. I’ve also helped with the live chat support on the website.

July 2014 – November 2015

Operations and delivery.

Poste Italiane.

Seasonal job in the Operations and Delivery department in Bologna.

June 2014 – June 2015

Website editor and marketing.


I took care of adapting press releases and images of live gigs and artists for the ticketing website. I was also posting the events on social media and selecting the event for the newsletters.


Social Media Coordinator


I’ve worked as a social media coordinator for an agency in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I took care of strategies, social media analysis, advertising and project management for app and website development.

During my studies and between my main jobs, I always did seasonal jobs at cafés and restaurants.



Advanced graduate studies in Economics

University of Bologna

I got my Master Degree at the Faculty of Economics in Bologna. I’ve studies advanced Microeconomics, advanced Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Statistics and Economic Policy.
Final thesis: “Facebook fanbase and artists’ achievements: reactions and relationships. Case studies in independent music.”
Final degree: 106/110


Undergraduate studies in Finance and Insurance – Statistics

University of Bologna

I studied Statistics, Finance, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, at the Faculty of Statistics, University of Bologna.
Final thesis: “Measures of inequalities between and within countries.”
Final degree: 107/110

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