What is life coaching and what is a life coach doing?

A life coach works with the client to help him understand and close the gap between his reality and his dreams and goals. It is a process that focuses on bringing the person from A to B. It includes acknowledgment of the inner desires, which is useful especially during period of changes and confusion. It involves planning the actions that impact many spheres of the person’s life to reach his goal and feel more balanced, motivated, focused, and fulfilled.

Although there are generic life coaches, there are also many types of life coaching and more specialized coaches, as they are focusing on smaller spheres of the client’s life and objectives, to make a bigger impact on it.

They include:

  • dating, love and relationship coaches
  • transition coaches and career change coaches
  • financial coaches
  • diet, health, fitness and wellness coaches
  • motivational and leadership coaches

… and many others, each of them with their own specialty and niche.

Life coaching is not immediate, but is a gradual process, whereby a life coach helps someone on a steady basis with frequent sessions, such as once per week. Between each of the sessions, that can be performed also online, the client might receive some little ‘homework’, such as simple exercises with questions and anwers to fill that will help the person gain a better understanding of his inner goals, and help the coach gain a better understanding of the client.

Life coaches are trained to ask you key questions that help you – while answering and talking loud – unlock your potential and offer clues to your inner motivation and beliefs. Life coaching also is very helpful to become accountable for our actions, to stay focused and motivated in our daily life.

One important aspect is that a life coach is not explicitly telling the client what to do, or making him feel wrong for his actions, but he’s just trying to dig beneath the surface of their thoughts and beliefs to help him understand exactly what he wants and the internal obstacles to reaching his goals, aligning his values, with his objectives, to reach success and wellbeing.

This means that the coach is helping the client gaining clarity but is not deciding for the client, it’s the client that will make all the final decisions on their own.

There are period that can be difficult and challenging and the help of a life coach certainly will improve the situation and will help you overcome blocks, fears and insecurities related to job, relationships, life transition and other important aspects of your life.

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