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Frequently Asked Questions

A coach – usually working into a specific industry or niche – helps people, professionals, and businesses achieve different types of goals.

The work focuses on creating clarity on goals, maintaining the motivation, overcoming obstacles or the fear of change, creating steps by step objectives, improving focus and productivity.

Coaches help different types of people, both professional and non-professional, with different types of goals or aspirations. When you hire a coach you are deciding to work with someone who will listen to you, help you understand what you want to be and what you want to do, help you define your goals, and encourage you so that you can work to achieve them.

Although in many countries there is no formal degree required, many centers offer accredited coaching qualifications that will boost your coaching career and improve your coaching skills. Accredited programs are backed by the International Coaching Federation.

Former experiences, interests, passions, and personality traits are very important to work with clients. These skills and features often make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful coach. 

Very important features are the willingness to help other people, empathy, positivity.

Yes, I do work with professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, as a life coach, accountability coach, sales coach, productivity coach for their employees. 

Thanks to my experience with different brands online, I’m offering also business consulting about branding strategy, value proposition creation, digital marketing, online business growth, content creation, blogging and blog writing, WordPress website creation.

Coaching is NOT a type of therapy or of counseling. See the following question for more details. The job of a life coach is very different from the one of a counselor or a therapist. A life coach focuses on your inner potential and goals, while a counsellor is focused on helping you be at peace with yourself and your life. Coaches are trained in helping clients move forward in life and meet the outcomes that will bring fulfillment in different areas of life. A life coach does NOT tell you WHAT to do, but rather helps you gain clarity and discover what is that YOU WANT TO DO in your life, career, projects.

Therapy, also called counseling, is a long-term process focused on introspection and analysis, in which a client works with a licensed healthcare professional to diagnose and resolve past events or traumas, cognitive and emotional blockages, problematic behaviors and feelings, and sometimes physical responses, or to overcome big life issues and transitions, such as divorce, family concerns, relationships and work conflicts, and create a more stable life and future. 

Therapists help people address and resolve problems that make them feel bad emotionally, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders.

Wellness coaching is NOT a personal trainer. A personal trainer will work with clients, either in a small group setting or one-on-one, on their fitness goals which includes improving a client’s muscular endurance and increasing a client’s physical flexibility. A personal trainer establishes a workout routine and designs safe and effective fitness programs, instructing and assisting their clients.

Wellness coaches and nutrition coaches focus on setting goals, strategies and accountability; they work to motivate the clients towards their basic health goals, such as weight loss, eating healthy, the whole lifestyle. A nutrition coach is not a dietician, not a nutritionist and not a medical expert. They cannot prescribe diets to treat medical or clinical conditions, or make diagnoses about medical or clinical conditions.

A wellness coach or a nutrition coach can talk to otherwise healthy clients generally about nutrition habits, recipes, eating, and moving, to live better and to support performance, health, and wellbeing goals.

Yes, I work with both men and women, provided they are above legal age and they are not dealing with specific health or mental issues for which a therapist or doctor would be the right expert to talk to.

No, apologies. All the programs and purchases are discussed in advance with the clients, in order to make sure they are willing to work with me. If you are not happy, you can terminate our work together at any time, but what you already paid for will not be refunded.

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